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ironicpopculturereference asked:

Hi, I emailed the Dublin Comic-Con about their lack of a harassment policy, they have a long policy on weapons but one line about how "reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your money if you are acting in an inappropiate (sic) fashion" In their response they said that there were no complaints last year, there's no alcohol and it's a friendly family environment. It is a small event, do you think there lack of a policy checks out or is it as bogus as it sounds?




Bogus as hell. Policies are preventative, not just responsive, and they play a really important role in establishing the priorities and climate of a convention.


And I know a lot of folks (myself included) that won’t attend a Con unless such a policy is laid out in full. It would be more beneficial for Cons to be inclusive, responsible and protective of their attendees/exhibitors. Otherwise, what guarantee do we have that if such an event occurs it will be treated with any sort of professional action? I’ve heard too many stories about people getting harassed at Cons without harassment policies and the Con Staff/harassed parties have 0 clue what to do about it. Not a cool atmosphere to create, in my opinion. 

Also worth noting: It’s likely there were no complaints because, in absence of a policy, people didn’t know how or where to report harassment, or what kind and degree merited attention from the con staff—or whether said staff would even give a fuck. Harassment is disconcerting and dehumanizing; in absence of clear policy, the odds of victims deciding to feel their way through a likely hostile system are pretty fucking low.

This is probably ALSO a good time to mention: If you run a con, and you are serious about developing a working harassment policy, I can help you with that. And if you are a small or nonprofit convention? I will help you with that for free.

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